1- Features
Products identification
One of the most scientific and professional stock management tools containing more than 28.000 products (drugs and parapharmaceutical) all identified by their :
a- Bar Code
b- Brand name
c- Form and Family
d- Indication and categorie
e- Agent name
f- Laboratory
g- Manufacturing country
h- Public price (as specified by the Lebanese Ministry of Health)
i- Box & piece color
j- Being Approved or rejected from NSSF
k- Subjection to VAT or not.
l- Generic name
m- Pharmacologic class
n- Contra Indication
o- Posology and administration mode
All this presented with a very advanced search engine as you can reach products through :
a- Same generic names
b- Specific generic names
c- User defined query search
d- Simple – alphabetic near seek – listing

Daily transactions
With the most user friendly and simple interface you get all of the following valuable features :
a- Point Of Sales cash receipts, Credit invoicing and return on sales.
b- Purchases manipulation. (Suppliers invoices, unpaid scheduled dues)
c- Inventory management. (Stock card, stock evaluation, expiry dates)
d- Automatic ordering (Drugstore or agent with full tracking of products arrival and availability)
e- Up to date prices
f- NSSF invoices management (No need anymore for manual NSSF invoice books)
g- Automatic price adjustment as per currency exchange (Index)
h- Cashbox checkup (According to shifts and time intervals)

2- Financial control
With impressive statistical analysis and corresponding graphs “A professional image of your pharmacy management”
a- Complete accounting integration
b- Automatic posting of transactions (Sales, Purchases, expenses,…)
c- Receivables and disbursements
d- Journal entries
e- Debit & Credit notes
f- Pharmacy expenses (rent, electricity, phone bills, salaries,
insurance, …)
g- Bank accounts and reconciliation
h- Monthly or yearly profit or loss calculations
i- Statement of account
j- Trial Balance

3- Benefits
- Patient profile & pathology : With all his personal attributes, illness
& allergy tracking, medical history, group information (mednet, army, sidem, casino du Liban, …) …

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool : While selling products get an on line automatic notification of the contra indications, interactions, billing information, purchases history, reserved products of your client;
Be his advisor – gain his loyalty.

- Scientific value-added options as First aid intervention, the urgent steps to take before the arrival of specialists and tracking prescriptions following doctors’ specialization.

- Fastest on line invoicing : Scan your barcode or press on your programmable keyboard shortcuts to get your invoice in seconds with rounding capabilities and up to 9 on Hold invoices at one time.

- On prescription and psychotropic drugs on line warning.

- Three forms of invoices :
• Normal invoice form
• Receipt invoice printout as per VAT law.
• NSSF invoice as per NSSF norm with Arabic wording of totals and no need anymore for printed manual invoice books.

- Easy life barcode manipulation : Automatically generates barcodes for non-barcoded items and print labels for them according to stock or upon receipt of new products.

- Reduces theft : On the spot follow up of your inventory by tracking on shelf products as compared to your stock on SoftPharm, eliminating the cause of missing items.

- Automatic ordering : No more additional debts or over investment; now you can exactly know what to order, how to order and from who (Agent or drugstore) without the fear of over stock or out of stock relying on the Reorder Level, Reorder quantity, minimum & maximum quantity and big consumption product analysis.

- No cash blocking : your available stock is what you ideally need to run your pharmacy with NO over investment. SoftPharm will get you to this point.

- Net Present Value (NPV) : Know your pharmacy and how much it worth at anytime through Periodical stock evaluation for complete management of stock movement and control of your purchases.

- Full integration with the Lebanese accounting with automatic posting of daily transactions.

- 100% VAT compliant : POS invoicing as per law with a periodical VAT summary report to know your subjected and exempted sales, VAT on purchases charges and the VAT due accordingly.

- Return on Investment (ROI) : Know your income with periodical profit and loss calculations compared to your stock value, assets and charges incurred, all compared to your budget.

- Easy connectivity to Cash drawers, Customer display and Receipt printer (for VAT)

- Enormous reports that goes up to 120 statistical and analytical reporting.

- Full network configuration.

- Users levels and access to protect your privacy and avoid normal users (employees,…) from seeing your cost, offers, statistics, cashbox, …

- Trilingual software presented in French, English and Arabic.

4- NIT Support
Above all of SoftPharm options, NIT provides free training on this software as much needed up to 32 hours at the pharmacy’s premises.
One year of warranty and support is one of our distinguished services either through our hotline or on site service covering all the Lebanese territories.
Our support team is located regionally. In the North, South or Bekaa area the support team resides in the area itself for the fastest callback support to our customers.

5- NIT full optional service
In addition to Softpharm, NIT presents a complete solution for you to become fully automated by providing all hardware equipment and services (Computers, UPS, Network installation, Printers, Barcode readers, Cash drawers, Receipt printers, …)




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