Amongst all IT services offered in the region and on the road of technology enhancements, NIT- New Information Technology sal stands as the Leader in software market for supplying specialized software for pharmacy management.

Leadership translated to figures would put NIT at 97% of equipped market and this wide spread and strong presence in more than 1950 sites in Lebanon is due to professional attitude and team work revealed in both internal and external management, back office and on site support, development and end-user satisfaction, all reflect positively and shed light on NIT vision of an automated future.

“ SoftPharm”
the specialized software for Pharmacies has been launched in the Lebanese market since 1997 and spread out the Lebanese borders into many Arab countries like Syria, Jordan, ... It has undergone continuous improvement led to the release of the 8th version and the winning of the Golden Chip Award 2004, No.1 Software in Lebanon
in all categories.

Hand in hand with latest technology, comes QuickNet the first of its kind e-business solution in the Middle East and GCC. It links pharmacies to drug suppliers, and provides integrated tools in SoftPharm for e-orders and
e-invoices in a single 30 seconds normal telephone line usage; in addition to items and price updates and other vast value added services...

Beyond software, NIT provides POS equipment of all kinds for both resellers and end users (BIRCH Barcode Readers, Cash Drawers &
Customer Display, CITIZEN Receipt Printers,…)
Above all this, NIT presents full automation solutions by providing all hardware equipment and services (Computers, UPS, Printers, Network installation, …)


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